Will AI Replace Me?

I may be biased, but the short answer is no. I’ve been fielding this question a lot lately – friends, family, and colleagues all having asked me if AI poses a threat to my job as a web and graphic designer. The news seems to suggest so, with the rise of AI mimicking human responses and an influx of AI tools in the market. But, I’m not losing sleep over it. Why, you might ask?

While AI’s capabilities are growing rapidly, not everyone comprehends how these tools function or how to wield them effectively. And that’s the crux of why I’m unworried about AI job displacement. AI is a tool, akin to the transformation from handcrafted layouts to computer-aided graphics in the graphic design evolution.

Wondering if AI will replace web and graphic designers? Fear not! As an experienced designer, AI can enhance, but not replace, the human touch in web and graphic design.

Yes, AI can be used malevolently, but it also has the potential to enhance and add value to my work. However, I’ve yet to encounter an AI response that’s stellar straight out of the box. If you’re mindlessly copying AI-generated content, prepare to be embarrassed. I use ChatGPT as a sounding board, a tool to refine my ideas. Yet, its out-of-the-box results are generic and often superfluous; it takes multiple interactions with my human touch and original ideas to achieve the desired outcome. And it will often still require a bit of editing.

Web and graphic design involve creative problem-solving – innovation with a purpose. AI, restricted to its database, cannot truly innovate. Experience and understanding remain paramount in addressing challenges like building brand recognition or attracting customers. So, no, I don’t see AI as a job threat; instead, it’s a new tool with the potential to be helpful.

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