Designed By Ben Smith

Designed By
Ben Smith

A lot of people have different ideas of what branding is. Some say it’s your logo. Others say it’s a promise or your reputation. Or it’s the experiences that you create. Branding is not any of these things. Branding is a result.

As creators, designers, and marketers it is our job to envision that result and then do all we can to influence that result through design, identity, reputation, experiences, etc. But the final result of the brand is not up to us. It is up to the end-user, the customer. Branding is a result that is the gut feeling a customer has about your business or organization. It is that feeling that determines their loyalty or lack of to your organization. Ultimately every customer is unique and has his or her own gut feeling about your brand. This is why when we create strategies and identity systems for brands we do so to try to best corral that gut feeling to certain parameters through messaging and reputation building.

Everything we do from color selection, to photo selection, to typography, words, etc. It all has an effect on the result that is your brand. We work closely with our clients in discovery sessions to envision and layout what we would like that gut feeling to be in their customers, and then build strategies, and brand identities to aim for that result. Once we have the pieces in place the logomark we created can act as a shortcut in your customers minds to remind them of that gut feeling and that relationship that your brand has built with them. That is what branding is. Businesses that invest into this level of branding are the business that succeed in not just creating customers, but rousing fans of their brands.

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