Additional Website Development

Explore a curated collection of websites developed during my tenure as a developer for Butler Branding. Each project showcases my expertise in WordPress development, UI/UX design, and custom feature implementation, delivering immersive digital experiences tailored to clients’ unique needs and objectives.

Family Healthcare Network

I initiated the development of the Family Healthcare Network website as a freelancer before transitioning to a full-time role. My responsibilities encompassed creating custom post types to facilitate seamless addition of providers, services, and locations for the client. I implemented dynamic content and search functionalities for enhanced user experience.

Cornerstone Family Healthcare

I also spearheaded the development of the Cornerstone Family Healthcare website, where I implemented custom post types to streamline the addition of providers, services, and locations. Leveraging dynamic content and intuitive search features, I ensured a seamless user experience tailored to the client’s needs.

Power Total Health

I worked on the development of the Power Total Health chiropractic website, incorporating custom post types for services and dynamic content to enhance functionality and user engagement.