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Explore our specialized services for creating dynamic branding and web design tailored for law enforcement agencies. With a history of success partnering with Dawson and Gilmer County Sheriff’s Offices, we consistently deliver powerful, game-changing results.


Dawson County Sheriff's Office

The Challenge: The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office (DCSO) needed a cohesive brand that resonated with the community and an effective recruitment strategy. Their branding could have been more consistent, and traditional recruitment methods were required to deliver the desired results.

The Solution: We developed a unified brand identity for DCSO, including badge and patch designs, typography, and color schemes for community engagement and recruitment. We created an informative, user-friendly website, streamlined the extra patrol request process, and designed a dedicated recruitment landing page with an online application system.

The Outcome: DCSO experienced a “10x increase in applications” compared to previous methods like radio ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Indeed postings. The online system not only boosted applicant numbers but also improved the quality and efficiency of the recruitment process.

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Gilmer County Sheriff's Office

The Challenge: After seeing our successful work with Dawson County, the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) approached us with a specific request: they needed a 3D render of their badge for use in marketing and press releases. They wanted a realistic image that would enhance their brand’s visual impact.

The Solution: We created a highly detailed 3D render of the GCSO badge. This involved intricate 3D design and rendering techniques to ensure the badge looked realistic. Additionally, we provided a vector version of the badge to ensure versatility in various applications.

Recognizing the need for cohesive branding, we developed a comprehensive brand guide for GCSO. This guide included the new 3D badge, typography, color schemes, and usage guidelines. To further support their marketing and press efforts, we designed a press wall and several other pieces to enhance their visual communication.

The Outcome: The 3D realistic badge and accompanying brand assets significantly boosted GCSO’s marketing and press presence. They now had a powerful, cohesive brand identity that could be used across all their communication channels, from press releases to recruitment campaigns.

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Law Enforcement Branding & Web Design

Strengthen Community Ties & Boost Recruitment

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