Designed By Ben Smith

Designed By
Ben Smith

The first step in building a brand from scratch is the mindset and understanding that the brand will evolve overtime and what you are creating are just the first steps in the right direction. it requires a visionary mind to consider the future possibilities of that brand. A lot of thought goes into the branding process. It’s more then designing a logo, colors, and fonts. Since brand is really what your customers feel about you if your starting from scratch you don’t typically have customers yet so what you have is an opportunity to craft that customer experience and the feeling that you want to give your customers from the onset of launching your new brand.

Some brands have launched and done well at impressing their brand experience upon their customers right out the gates and others have taken a little longer to get the brand experience just right. This is the challenge of creating a brand from nothing.

Put your creative cap on and dream. Where do you see your products and services in the market place? Where does your brand fit in? Who are the people that you see your products speaking too? There is a temptation in new startups to state that they want to reach everyone. But what I have found is that it is more effective to reach a select audience. By focusing in on that select audience you will attract a fringe of people that your products and services are not necessarily marketed to. You will break into new demographics down the road, but stay focused on your core demographic.

Build life and meaning into your brand. Advertising is no longer an effective way of getting customers. Building a brand that is alive and relevant is the most effective way of getting fans. This is not to say that you should not advertise, but you should with the understanding that ads are about brand awareness not about getting a customer in the door. Good brands will attract fans who will convert over time to brand ambassadors who will in time convert friends and family to your brand. Build a brand that is alive, that feels, that speaks, that connects with people on an emotional level.

The incidentals. Of course you need a logo, and colors, and fonts. But these should be secondary to the brand and should serve as representative of the brand experience you are trying to build. The logo should be iconic and simple and should connect the memories of people to that brand experience that they know and now love. When you make that connection people tend to love your logo and colors so much that they want to wear it proud.

There is much more that could be said on the subject of branding and I am just scratching the surface on this comprehensive subject. You may not think your big enough to be a brand or that your to local. Let me tell you that this is not true. Lots of small local businesses have built a brand that connects with people making them local legends of local pride.

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