Brand Design Portfolio

Hi, My Name is Ben

15+ Years of Experience

I am a versatile graphic designer and branding specialist with over 15 years of experience, excelling in crafting compelling visual identities and user-centered designs. With expertise in WordPress web design, I seamlessly blend creativity and functionality to deliver captivating online experiences.
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Brand Strategy and Identity Design Skills

Here is a list of Brand Identity Design and strategy-related skills and tools and my proficiency in each. To learn more about how I define these terms, click here.

Case Study

Jess's Cleaning, LLC

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Proficiency Scale

1 - Fundamental Awareness

Basic Knowledge:

Common knowledge or an understanding of basic techniques and concepts.

2 - Novice

Limited Experience:

Experience gained in a classroom and/or experimental scenarios or as a trainee on-the-job.

3 - Intermediate

Practical Application:

Successfully complete tasks in this competency as requested.

4 - Advanced

Applied Theory:

Recognized within your immediate organization as “a person to ask” when difficult questions arise regarding this skill.

5 - Expert

Recognized Authority:

Able to provide guidance, troubleshoot, and answer questions related to this area of expertise and the field where the skill is used.